Steven James

Steven JamesSteven’s love of movement began on the stage as part of Theatre Beyond Words, a theatre company that took him on tour across North America, Europe and Asia. Yet Ballroom and Latin dance kept pulling him. It was Jennifer Jones, CEO and Dean of Joy of Dance Centre and Teaches College who convinced him that he should pursue his passion. Her influence is one of the main reasons Steve is teaching dance today and specializing in West Coast Swing. Having graduated from the Joy of Dance Teacher Training program and receiving his certification from Canadian DanceSport Federation in American Ballroom Smooth and Rhythm, Steve began his teaching career and has never looked back. This love and passion for teaching American Smooth and Rhythm comes from the deep belief that dancing is a fun, liberating and energizing experience that heightens awareness of the body and creates a unique connection between people. Practicing Ballroom has made his life both more challenging and more rewarding; an experience he is passing on to his students.

Steven’s quote: “When life is good, dance. When life hurts, dance more.”