Glen Cameron

Glen CameronGlen loves all kinds of music and has been an avid participant in the Toronto music scene since his arrival here in the late eighties, but what really gets him going is rock’n’roll and rockabilly. And where there’s music … there’s dancing. First introduced to the 2-step, he has since branched out to a range of dance styles, including lindy hop, blues, east coast swing, salsa and, of course, good old rock’n’roll/jive. He has attended workshops and training in Montreal and Toronto, and has competed in Toronto and Detroit. You may have caught some of his swing or rock’n’roll performances around town. He’s also taken up choreography and is known for creating fun and energetic routines. When Glen’s not out dancing, you’ll probably find him lugging crates of vintage vinyl to a DJ-ing gig, where he’ll keep the groove going with rock’n’roll, swing and blues tunes. Glen teaches rock’n’roll at Bees’ Knees, where he’s eager to share his enthusiasm for the music and the moves. In the words of The King, “Come on, everybody, and clap your hands real loud!”