Dan Amores

Dan AmoresDan Amores is one of Canada’s top swing dance leader. He is an articulate teacher, a natural performer and competitor rolled into one. Dan’s dance philosophy stresses musicality and momentum, with special attention to the communication between lead and follow. Incredibly versatile, with a wide dance range spanning from raw to lyrical, Dan never fails to make his follower feel like she is the best one out there (and never fails to take other leaders to school).Currently teaching, judging, djing, running events and competing full-time, Dan knows that, really, it’s all about tapping into the heart and soul inside each one of us.His accomplishments include winning and placing in the highest level of competition at prestigious swing dance events (American Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Boston Tea Party) in the United States as well as performances and demonstrations in TV shows, music videos and on stage musical performances. His dance expertise has allowed him to travel around the world teaching all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.