Where do you dance?

Beverley Halls, 206 Beverley Street, Toronto, M5T 1Z3

Do I need a partner? 

No, there is no need to bring your own dance partner. It’s the custom at swing dances to change partners for each song. In the lessons dance partners rotate. This helps you to learn better by exposing you to many dance partners and gives you a chance to meet other people.

What is the average age of people at the dances? 

We enjoy a varied group of attendees at our dance events. The ages range from those in their 20s to retirement.

Do we need to reserve tickets in advance?

For Friday night dances simply show up at the door. For our weekly dance classes, we require preregistration.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can dance in. Casual to dressy attire is all fine.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Anything comfortable, whether dressy or casual, ideally with some glide under the balls of your feet. Wear shoes that are smooth enough under the front part of your foot to allow you to swivel on a wooden floor (this could be a leather sole, or a smooth rubber or plastic sole) Rubber heels are fine.

What kind of dancing do people do? 

Swing is the ideal social dance – easy enough that you can be having fun the day you start, rich enough to interest and captivate for a lifetime!

For more information, please see our About Swing Dancing page.