Terms and conditions

By participating in TSDS Dances, Lessons, and Special Events:

I acknowledge that TSDS is a nonprofit corporation operated by unpaid volunteers.

I agree to abide by all TSDS Rules as advised from time to time.

I release TSDS and its agents, members, guests, organizers and volunteers from any liability and hold them harmless from any demands, claims, actions or lawsuits in connection with any accident, injury, loss, damage, expense or inconvenience which may arise out of my participation in TSDS events.

I agree that this Waiver of Liability applies even if my damage, cost, expense or inconvenience arises out of any error, negligence, action or omission of TSDS (or its agents).

I understand that TSDS may use my personal information to maintain its membership files, to keep its members informed about TSDS issues and events, and to provide information about other swing dance opportunities.

I consent to the TSDS policy permitting photographs and video recordings at all TSDS events, and reserving its right to post photos and videos to the TSDS website and social media accounts.

And I agree that if I take any photos or videos of TSDS lesson recaps, I will share them only with other TSDS students of that lesson or lesson series, and I agree that I will not share or publish images of other TSDS participants, including performers, in any TSDS event without the consent of all imaged persons.