We’re East Coast Swinging

Upcoming Dance

After a great first class by Carmen we are all hyped to continue. And we will, but not until Feb 26. Remember, there is no class on Monday, Feb 19.

More good news; if you missed the first class, you still have an opportunity to join in beginning with the second class on Feb 26. Register on line so we’ll know to expect you.

Happy 2018

We are eagerly looking forward to January 8 when our new Hustle series with Joanna Swanson starts. Beginner level: 7:30-8:30 and intermediate: 8:45-9:45. You can register on line right now.

Joanna’s series will be followed by East Coast Swing. We have coaxed Carmen Colangelo to forgo her winter in the South to teach for us here at the Lithuanian House. You can register for this class now as well.

And anyone who loves East Coast Swing (along with everyone else) will want to be here on Friday, January 12 to dance to the music of Little Peter and the Elegants. This band doesn’t just play music; they really entertain. This is an event not to be missed!