West Coast Swing is Under Way

November Dance

Our West Coast Swing series with Julie Epplett started on October 17. If you want to see what this dance is all about, be sure to sign up for the beginner series. You won’t be disappointed.

If you already know the basics, Julie’s intermediate class will make you a better dancer. Intermediate dancers are also invited to join the beginners for only $20 more. This is a great way to improve your basics.

For information and registration for these or other classes, see the Classes page.

As a special treat, we welcomed Mary Adams on Friday, October 14 to teach West Coast Swing lessons at the beginning of our swing dance.

New dance season begins

September is here and it’s time to plan your activities. Register now for our fall classes.

We are starting off with Nightclub Two Step, and we are lucky to have Michelle Regal back to teach. If you have little or no experience with this beautiful dance, sign up for the beginner level. If you were in Michelle’s workshop last spring or are otherwise familiar with this dance, then the intermediate level is for you. And you might want to consider both levels to brush up the basics. It is only $20 more.

The next series will be West Coast Swing with Julie Epplett, followed by East Coast Swing with Bill Forsythe. For information and registration for any of these classes see the Classes page.