Swing Dance Links

Toronto Open Swing Hustle Championships – Held in Toronto every July

TO West Coast
GroovyBluesyJazzyFunky [Julie Epplett]- Tuesday West Coast Swing classes and dance in Toronto

Shelley Dance
Shelley Saxena – Sunday West Coast Swing classes and dance in Toronto

Bees’ Knees Dance
Lindy Hop, Rock n’ Roll & more in downtown Toronto

Lindy Hop Revolution
Lindy Hop lessons in Toronto

Swing Toronto
Saturday Night Swing Dances, Blues & More! Social dances with live music in Toronto

Toronto Lindy Hop 
Website for the Lindy Hop community in Toronto

Swingin’ Out
Lindy Hop & more (for LGBT community and friends) in Toronto

U. of T. Swing
University of Toronto Swing Dance Club

Toronto Dance
Toronto dance events and information

Tony Hornick’s Dancing List
Dance locations and events in Ontario

Stardust Dance Shoes
Good selection of shoes for swing dancing

Lithuanian House
Our lesson and dance venue

Local Dance Bands